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Microba controls is a set of JFC (Swing) components. Open source: free for pesonal and commercial use.
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Components Features
  • Locale aware
  • TimeZone aware
  • Supports null date (nullable)
  • Internationalized (i18n), easy to add your language
  • Holidays/weekends model
  • Restricted dates model
  • Number of week
  • Look&Feel aware
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Focus lost behaviors
  • Visual styles
  • Color overriding (NEW)
  • Flexible, extensible
  • Multiple draggable marks
  • Immovable marks
  • Colored marks
  • Horizontal/vertical alignment
  • Flipped marks
  • Key-point based palette
  • Linear color interpolation
  • Horizontal/vertical alignment
for JGraph libary
  • Provides overview (bird-eyes view) of a JGraph component
  • Tracks viewport size and position, graph changes, scaling etc.
  • Pannning with the mouse
17 Mar 2014 Microba project moved to a new home on GitHub.
11 Dec 2006 Microba v.0.4.4 release is out featuring long awaited color overriding for DatePicker and CalendarPane plus more.
21 Nov 2006 Microba v. release is out. Now you can use Microba with NetBeans GUI editor.
14 Nov 2006 Microba v. bugfix release is out. Make sure you're up to date.
05 Nov 2006 Microba v. bugfix release is out. Make sure you're up to date.
25 Oct 2006 Microba v. bugfix release is out. Make sure you're up to date.
11 Sep 2006 Microba v.0.4.3 released featuring Birdview component for JGraph library, some new features and fixes.
31 Jul 2006 Microba v.0.4.2 released.
18 Jun 2006 Microba v.0.4.1 released featuring the long awaited "show number of week" feature for its date controls. The feature is somewhat experimental so feedback is welcome.
29 Mar 2006 Microba v.0.4 released!
25 Feb 2006 Support Microba

You can help Microba project by posting an article, a blog entry or just telling you fellow programmers or reporting success stories. If you use Microba commercially, please encourage your management to make a donation.
Thank you!

15 Feb 2006 Help with translation needed! If you speak a languaguage other than:

English, Russian, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Romanian, Byelorussian, Danish, Swedish

please, send me the translation of the following 2 words (UTF-8 or escaped):

today, none (meaning no selection).

All contributors will get a credit. Thank you!
14 Feb 2006 Microba has been added to Swing Depot of JavaDesktop.org
20 Dec 2005 Microba v.0.3 is out! The first public release.
The feedback, feature requests, issue reports are welcome. Join the mailing list!
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